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SCOPE of the Business

The provision of design, development and manufacture of products with micro-engineered polymer surfaces and/or flexible circuitry.


The purpose of this Policy is to identify the key elements of the Quality Improvement Process in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and to allocate responsibilities for its implementation. We will:

  • Strive for continuous improvement in all business activities, aided by implementation of the Quality Objectives .
  • Formalise a system for meeting requirements, preventing errors and setting standards that are established and maintained.
  • Audit and measure performance and improvement.
  • Incorporate ‘risk based forward thinking’ throughout the business process.
  • Work with, monitor and evaluate suppliers so they meet our needs.
  • Meet the needs of our Customers and other Interested Parties to their complete satisfaction.
  • Ensure all activities are carried out in a safe working environment, ethically and without causing harm or nuisance to employees, visitors and our neighbours.
  • Emphasise that every member of Epigem has a contribution to make and proactively communicate the reasons why all must comply with this. If anyone does not comply to the detriment of the Company, then disciplinary action may be necessary.


  • The Quality Statement is shown in Appendix A2-QS.
  • The Managing Director will sign the Quality Statement and the signed document will be placed internally for all employees to have access.


  • The Managing Director has overall responsibility for leading the Quality Improvement Process.
  • In implementing the Process, the management team shall act to sustain commitment, create awareness, structure improvement opportunities, audit and review progress.